Wedding DJ

Wedding Ceremony

  • NO early setup fee
  • Separate sound system is included with all your timed music
  • 30 minutes of intro music while your guests arrive and find seats
  • Optional: 2 small wireless lapel clip on microphones (for the officiant & groom to wear)

Your requested music is played accordingly upon the start of the ceremony. We play your requested songs as grandparents and other family members are seated, followed by the music for the bridal party & the bride’s entrance song. Your requested music also plays as the bridal party exits after the ceremony.

Wedding Reception

  • DJ setup with 2 powered speakers
  • White Facade (covers the front of the DJ setup hiding wires, giving a clean look)
  • 2 speaker scrims covering the tripod speaker stands
  • Emcee (we handle all announcements and introductions)
  • Day of coordinator (we ensure all events follow the timeline set by us as you request)
  • Wireless hand held microphone system (great for making toast and announcements)
  • Unlimited consultations
  • Personalized music playlist

Example Videos from 2 recent weddings below:

Posted by Nick Vander Elst on Saturday, June 16, 2018



Posted by Nick Vander Elst on Saturday, June 23, 2018

Reception Lighting & FX

  • Up-Lighting (transform the look of your venue to match your color theme)
  • Monogram Projection (personalized touch with your names written in light)
  • Cake Pin Spot Lighting (brightens the wedding cake)
  • Dance Floor Color Wash (highlights the whole floor in different colors)
  • Moving Head LED gobo lights (high end dance floor lighting)
  • Computer Lighting Control (allowing for personalized lighting colors and looks)



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